Chemicals -Amonium Bicarbonate


Sunny, JOC




25 Kg Bag

Grade Standard

Food Grade

General Description

Ammonium bicarbonate will also decompose during baking and release ammonia and carbon dioxide leavening gases without reacting with a leavening acid. Unlike sodium bicarbonate, which leaves a residue of alkaline sodium carbonate, ammonium bicarbonate leaves no residue when it decomposes by heat. It, therefore, has no effect on the pH of the baked product. If there is more than about 5% moisture in the baked product, however, the ammonia gas will dissolve in this water and impart an ammoniacal flavor to the product. For this reason, ammonium bicarbonate is used only in low-moisture products such as crackers.


Food industry, agricultural, pharmaceutical, textile


Item Standard Value Test Value
Appearance White Crystalline Powder White Crystalline Powder
Total Al Alalkali NH4HCO3 99.2 - 100.5 % 99.65 %
Shulphate (SO4) 0.007 % Max 0.007 %
Moisture 0.4 % Max < 0.4%

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