Chemicals - Sodium Benzoate


Wuhan Youji




25 Kg Bag

Grade Standard

Food Grade

General Description

Sodium benzoate is the sodium salt of benzoic acid, widely used as a food preservative and a pickling agent. It appears as a white crystalline chemical with the formula C₆H₅COONa.


Food additive, Paint Industry


Items Specifications Results
Appearance White almost odourless crystalline Powder Passed
IR Positive Passed
Sodium Positive Passed
Retention Time Positive Passed
Appearance of solution color Y6 Passed
Acidity or Alkalinity (ml/g) Passed Passed

Halogenated Compounds

Items Specifications Results
Ionised Chlorine 200 ppm Max Passed
Total Chlorine 300 ppm Max Passed
Heavy Metals (In terms of lead) 10 ppm Max Passed
Lead 2 ppm Max Passed
Loss on drying (% m/m) 2 Max 0.2
Assay (% m/m) 99-101 99.8

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